WordPress Theme Development

What Will I Learn?

  • Default theme overview, how it works and showing default coding structure for a theme.
  • Default theme modifications, doing modifications on theme files to understand how theme works with database and understanding basic WordPress functions.
  • Learning template hierarchy to understand how WordPress theme files works and when which file executes.
  • Quick overview on WordPress Codex to know all features of WordPress.
  • Learning The loop feature and functions inside the loop and where to use it.
  • Theme creation from HTML, make a theme from scratch using HTML.
  • Creating custom post type and taxonomies, understanding their necessity, importance and usages.
  • Use custom post types and taxonomies to develop a theme.
  • Introduction to WordPress Plug-in and Widgets. When, why and where to use these.
  • Installing and using some important and commonly used plug-in to understand plug-in better.
  • What is short code and use of short codes.
  • Understanding WordPress actions and hooks, why to use these.
  • Practical examples of actions and hooks.
  • What is ACF plug-in and why and when should we use it.
  • Using ACF plug-in make theme options.
  • Using ACF plug-in add extra fields to any post type.
  • Using ACF add meta to term taxonomies.
  • Complete previously developed custom theme using ACF plug-in.
  • Practice developing a full theme from HTML using ACF plug-in. Weakness and fault correction
  • Basic wordpress class to manipulate database operations.
  • Create simple wordpress plug-in with short code feature.
  • Create custom database table using plug-in and manipulate table data from the plug-in.

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Material Includes

  • WordPress Layout and Theme
  • Project: Create a WordPress Responsive Theme from Scratch
  • Hands on tutoring from experienced WordPress Theme Development experts.
  • Real-time Practice and Portfolio Projects.
  • Course Completion Certificate.
  • Support and Careers Advice.


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Target Audience

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